Safety and Site Rules

Clay pigeon shooting is a sport, and there is no reason to feel nervous or unsafe as long as you behave sensibly and adhere to our safety rules. Alcohol is not permitted on site. It is also illegal to consume alcohol prior to taking part in a clay pigeon shoot.

All visitors will be taken through our safety regulations when they visit for the first time.

The Basics

  • Ear protection must be worn when shooting.
  • Eye protection is recommended.
  • Head protection is recommended (some sort of hat or a cap).
  • No alcohol to have been consumed prior to shooting, or on the clay ground at any time.
  • No irresponsible behaviour that could put your own safety, and that of others, at risk.
  • Guns must be empty of cartridges when not in use. Carrying loaded guns around the site is forbidden.
  • All guns must be 'broken' when walking around. Your instructor will explain what this means.
  • Guns must only be aimed at the targets, even when not loaded.
  • Sensible footwear must be worn. This is an outdoor activity and slipping could cause accidents.
  • Any incidents or safety issues must be reported immediately to a member of staff.
  • If you see another visitor behaving irresponsibly or unsafely, please inform a member of staff immediately.
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